Friday, October 2, 2009

From the upcoming book release "Freeway of Thought"

"Weather or not"

Its raining today
And again I left my hat on the kitchen counter
Right next to my ipod
For the millionth time I'm not prepared for the unexpected
The rain is cold and somewhat stings
Each drop calmly walks from the tip of my thoughts to the souls of my loafers
But yet I look so ready
So expected of the unexpected
My collar is up
My hands are tucked deep in the pockets of my pea coat
My eyes are nearly closed to protect my pupils from being flooded
I strut through the sky's draining moment seeming to almost enjoy its drench
I want to lie to myself and say that the down pour doesn't effect me
But the puddles have begin to seep through my shoes
My socks have a slight dampness to them
Why did I wear these shoes
If I would had took 30 more seconds to check I could had grabbed my hat
I could had grabbed my umbrella
If I would had stop to think, then maybe…just maybe I would had put on thicker socks
But I….don't…stop…and…think
I rush, I make impulse decisions and grow confused and question why the consequences are so great
And if I can't understand the reasons then I find people to aim the tip of my fingers toward
So its just me and this rain and this mask
Pretending, as if I'm not upset from being soak
And the vomit of this gray cloud is all too familiar
The wetness…its outcome…its visit
Again I saw the storm inching towards me
But yet I fail to pay it any attention
Its raining today
And again I left my hat on the kitchen counter.


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